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The company «China TEXMATECH Co., Ltd» (CTMTC), is part of large state concern CHINA HENGTIAN GROUP, under the direct control of the Committee for State Property Management of the Republic of China.

At present concern has a large engineering works "JINGWEI", "FONG'S", "AUTEFA", FEHRER "," FOR "," OCTIR " and others, producing a full range of textile equipments, such as:

- Blowing and carding machinery;

- Carding machines;

- Draw frame;

- Combing machines;

- Fly frame;

- Ring spinning machines;

- Winding machines;

- Pneumo-spinning machines;

- Circular knitting machines;

- Weaving machines;

- Warping machines;

- Sizing equipment;

- Finishing- dyeing machines;

And more (with more detailed information about the equipment and services can be found here)

The annual turnover of the company for the year 2012 amounted 460 million U.S. dollars, of which 310 million U.S. dollars of imports of textile products (procurement of yarn, fabrics, cellulose, etc.), and 150 million U.S. dollars export of textile equipment and technologies.

Company RATEX TRADE CONSULT represents activity of «China TEXMATECH Co., Ltd» on the Central Asian market. During its existence the company has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier of qualitative textile equipment and technology (with a list of completed projects can be found here.)

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